Past Sermons

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11-18-2018Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelEsther 1 & 1 Timothy 2Listen
11-14-2018Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerSt. Mark 16Listen
11-11-2018Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerMicah 4 & 1 Peter 4Listen
11-11-2018Sunday AMBro. John JacksonIsaiah 38 & Revelation 19Listen
10-31-2018Wednesday Bro. Bill Waibel1 Corinthians 1Listen
10-28-2018Sunday PMBro. John JacksonRuth 1 & Mark 10:1-27Listen
10-28-2018Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelIsaiah 35 & Ephesians 4Listen
10-24-2018Wednesday Bro. John Jackson2 Timothy 2Listen
10-21-2018Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 86 & 1 Peter 1Listen
10-21-2018Sunday AMBro. John JacksonListen
10-17-2018Wednesday Bro. Bob Knochel2 Timothy 4Listen
10-14-2018Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelProverbs 3:1-20 & Philippians 1Listen
10-14-2018Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelIsaiah 23 & 1 Timothy 6Listen
10-10-2018Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSt John 5:19-47Listen
10-07-2018Sunday PMBro. John JacksonDeuteronomy 11 & St.John 2:13-25Listen
10-07-2018Sunday AMBro. Bob Knochel1 Kings 6 & Galatians 3Listen
10-03-2018Wednesday Bro. Bill Waibel2 Corinthians 2Listen
09-30-2018Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 37 & Ephesians 5Listen
09-30-2018Sunday AMBro. John JacksonPsalm 73 & Romans 10Listen
09-26-2018Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelPhilippians 4Listen
09-23-2018Sunday PMBro. Randy Beer
(Milford, IN)
Job 21 & 2 Corinthians 12Listen
09-23-2018Sunday AMBro. Randy Beer
(Milford, IN)
Jeremiah 52 & 1 Corinthians 10Listen
09-19-2018Wednesday Bro. Gary Maibach
(Smithville, OH)
Ecclesiastes 1:1-11 & Galatians 3:1-6Listen
09-16-2018Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelGenesis 45 & St.Matthew 18Listen
09-16-2018Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerIsaiah 65 & St. Matthew 13:1-23Listen
09-09-2018Sunday PMBro. Bill Waibel2 Kings 6:1-7 & St. John 3Listen
09-09-2018Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelPsalm 46 & Romans 1Listen
09-02-2018Sunday PMBro. John JacksonDeuteronomy 6 & 2 Thessalonians 3Listen
09-02-2018Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerPsalm 148 & St. John 3Listen
08-26-2018Sunday AMBro. David Maibach
(Smithville, OH)
Proverbs 19:1-3 & Philippians 2:1-11Listen
08-19-2018Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelPsalm76 & Acts 6Listen
08-19-2018Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 19 & Galatians 2Listen
08-12-2018Sunday PMBro. David Maibach
(Smithville, OH)
St. John 1:1-14Listen
08-12-2018Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerProverbs 6:1-19 & Acts 14Listen
08-08-2018Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerSt. Luke 1:1-56Listen
08-05-2018Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 40 & 1 Corinthians 1Listen
08-05-2018Sunday AMBro. John JacksonDaniel 9 & 1 Thessalonians 3Listen
08-01-2018Wednesday Bro. John JacksonPhilippians 1Listen
07-29-2018Sunday PMBro. Nate Hodel
(Roanoke, IL)
Judges 2 & St. Luke 14Listen
07-29-2018Sunday AMBro. Nate Hodel
(Roanoke, IL)
2 Chronicles 7 & Ephesians 4Listen
07-25-2018Wednesday Bro. Bill Waibel2 Corinthians 10Listen
07-22-2018Sunday PMBro. Neil Ramseyer2 Samuel 21:1-14 & St. Like 22:24-53Listen
07-22-2018Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelGenesis 27:1-42 & Ephesians 6Listen
07-18-2018Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelActs 21Listen
07-15-2018Sunday PMMemorandum ReadingListen
07-15-2018Sunday AMBro. John JacksonZephaniah 3 & 2 Peter 3Listen
07-11-2018Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerSt. John 13Listen
07-08-2018Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelPsalm 138 & Philippians 2Listen
07-08-2018Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelGenesis 1 & 2 Corinthians 4Listen
07-04-2018Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelEphesians 2Listen
07-01-2018Sunday PMBro. John Jackson2 Chronicles 35 & 1 Peter 4Listen
07-01-2018Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerJob 40 & 41:1-8 & Acts 7Listen
06-27-2018Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSt. Mark 1:19-45Listen
06-24-2018Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelProverbs 6:1-19 & St. John 10:1-21Listen
06-24-2018Sunday AMBro. John JacksonJeremiah 37 & 1 John 1 and 2:1-3Listen
06-17-2018Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelProverbs 4 & Luke 15Listen
06-10-2018Sunday PMBro. Don Manz
(Junction, OH)
Psalm 48 Acts 20:17-38Listen
06-06-2018Wednesday Bro. Don Manz
(Junction, OH)
2 Chronicles & St. Luke 24Listen
06-06-2018Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelActs 8:1-25Listen
06-03-2018Sunday PMBro. John JacksonPsalm 89 & 1 Corinthians 14Listen
06-03-2018Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 42 & 1 Thessalonians 5Listen
05-27-2018Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelGenesis 12 & 1 John 5Listen
05-27-2018Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerPsalm 55 & St. John 16Listen
05-23-2018Wednesday Bro. John Jackson2 Thessalonians 3Listen
05-20-2018Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelJeremiah 23:1-32 & 2 Peter 1Listen
05-20-2018Sunday AMBro. John JacksonPsalm 42 & St Luke 6:1-36Listen
05-16-2018Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelEphesians 4Listen
05-13-2018Sunday PMBro. Neil RmseyerPsalm 80 & St. Luke 23Listen
05-09-2018Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerSt Matthew 22:15-46Listen
05-06-2018Sunday PMBro. Tom Stock
(Cissna Park, IL)
Isaiah 61 & 1 Peter 2Listen
05-06-2018Sunday AMBro. Tom Stock
(Cissna Park,IL)
2 Kings 25 & 2 Thessalonians 2Listen
05-02-2018Wednesday Bro. Bill Waibel2 Timothy 3Listen
04-29-2018Sunday PMBro. John Jackson1 Samuel 25:1-31 & Colossians 2Listen
04-29-2018Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelProverbs 17 & 2 Corinthians 5Listen
04-25-2018Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelEphesians 5Listen
04-22-2018Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelNehemiah 11 & Galations 6Listen
04-22-2018Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerActs 22:1-22 & Job 19Listen
04-18-2018Wednesday Bro. Bill Waibel1 John 4Listen
04-11-2018Wednesday Bro. John JacksonEphesians 4Listen
04-08-2018Sunday PMBro. John Jackson1 Corinthians 11:17-34 & 1 Chronicles 29:10-18Listen
04-08-2018Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelPsalm 90 & Philippians 1Listen
04-04-2018Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelActs 2Listen
04-01-2018Sunday AMBro. John JacksonSt Matthew 27:62-66, 28:1-20 & Romans 6:1-11Listen
03-30-2018Friday Bro. Nate Hodel
(Roanoke, IL)
St John18:37-38, St Mark 14:32-42 & St Mark 15:1-41Listen
03-25-2018Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelPsalm 39 & 1 Peter 1:1-21Listen
03-25-2018Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelZechariah 9:9-10 & St. Luke 19:28-48Listen
03-21-2018Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelSt. John 15:1-17Listen
03-18-2018Sunday PMBro. John JacksonSt. John 19Listen
03-18-2018Sunday AMBro. John JacksonEster 2 & 2 Corinthians 11Listen
03-14-2018Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSt. Luke 1:39-56Listen
03-11-2018Sunday PMBro. John JacksonNumbers 1:1-25 & Ephesians 6Listen
03-11-2018Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelIsaiah 25 & 2 Corinthians 13Listen
03-07-2018Wednesday Bro. Bob Knochel1 John 4Listen
03-04-2018Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 120 & Ephesians 3Listen
03-04-2018Sunday AMBro. John JacksonDaniel 4 & Romans 5Listen
02-28-2018Wednesday Bro. Bill Waibel2 Corinthians 9Listen
02-25-2018Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelExodus 20 & Acts 23Listen
02-25-2018Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelProverbs 23 & St.Luke 18:1-30Listen
02-21-2018Wednesday Bro. John Jackson1 John 3Listen
02-18-2018Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 15 & Hebrews 8Listen
02-18-2018Sunday AMBro. John JacksonPsalm 89 & Romans 2Listen
02-14-2018Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelTitus 2Listen
02-11-2018Sunday PMBro. John JacksonMicah 6 and 3 JohnListen
02-11-2018Sunday AMBro. Bob Knochel2 Chronicles 23 & Acts 14Listen
02-07-2018Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelSt.Luke 22:1-30Listen
02-04-2018Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelEsther 1:1-19 & Acts 7Listen
02-04-2018Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelListen
01-31-2018Wednesday Bro. John Jackson2 Timothy 1Listen
01-28-2018Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelEzekiel 6 & 1 Peter 4Listen
01-28-2018Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelProverbs 18 & Colpssians 2Listen
01-25-2018Thursday Bro. Funeral Sis. Lorraine WackerleListen
01-21-2018Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 20 & 1 Thessalonians 1Listen
012-21-2018Friday AMBro. John JacksonPsalm 73 & Philemon 1Listen
01-17-2018Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelActs 8:1-25Listen
01-14-2018Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelGenesis 11 & Philemon 1Listen
01-14-2018Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelNehemh 10:28-39 & 1 John 4Listen
01-10-2018Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelTitus 3Listen
01-07-2018Sunday PMBro. John JacksonDeuteronomy 16:1-8 & 2 Corinthians 6:1-18Listen
01-07-2018Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelNumbers 21:1-10 & St. John 3:1-21Listen
12-31-2017Sunday PMBro. Mark GerberWedding of Heath and Natasha GerberListen
12-31-2017Sunday AMBro. Gary Sinn
(Latty, Ohio)
Psalm 86 & 2 Timothy 4Listen
12-30-2017Saturday SingingListen
12-27-2017Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSt. John 14Listen
12-24-2017Sunday PMBro. John JacksonChristmas Eve ServiceListen
12-24-2017Sunday AMBro. Jeff Waibel
(Leo, IN)
St. Matthew 1:1-17Listen
12-20-2017Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSt. John 1:1-28Listen
12-17-2017Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerEzra 6 & 2 Corinthians 10Listen
12-17-2017Sunday AMBro. John Jackson2 Samuel 17 & 2 Corinthians 3Listen
12-10-2017Sunday PMBro. John JacksonRomans 13:8-15:7Listen
12-10-2017Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 121 & 2 Corinthians 9Listen
12-06-2017Wednesday Bro. Bob Knochel1 John 2Listen
12-03-2017Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelJeremiah 18 & 1 Corinthians 12Listen
11-29-2017Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelPhilippians 2Listen
11-26-2017Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 57 & 1 Corinthians 1Listen
11-26-2017Sunday AMBro. John JacksonJeremiah 42 & St. Mark 1Listen
11-22-2017Wednesday Bro. Bob Knochel1 Chronicles 29:1-23 & Ephesians 4:1-5:20Listen
11-19-2017Sunday PMBro. Bob Knochel2 Chronicles 35 & St. John 13Listen
11-19-2017Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelIsaiah 41 & St. John 14Listen
11-15-2017Wednesday Bro. John JacksonRomans 9Listen
11-12-2017Sunday PMBro. John JacksonDeuteronomy 16 & Galations 4Listen
11-12-2017Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerJeremiah 25:1-29 & Acts 8:1-25Listen
11-08-2017Wednesday Bro. Bob Knochel1 Corinthians 2Listen
11-05-2017Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerJob 21 & 1 Timothy 1Listen
11-05-2017Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelLeviticus 20 & 2 Corinthians 3Listen
11-01-2017Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerSt. John 11:1-46Listen
10-29-2017Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelProverbs 18 & 2 Peter 1Listen
10-29-2017Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 32 & St. Luke 13:1-30Listen
10-25-2017Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelSt. Mark 9:35-50Listen
10-22-2017Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelJoshua 23 & 1 Corinthians 5Listen
10-22-2017Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelIsaiah 50 & Ephesians 2Listen
10-15-2017Sunday PMBro. Bill Waibel1 Kings 11:1-13 & 1 Timothy 2Listen
10-15-2017Sunday AMBro. John JacksonJudges 2 & Galatians 2Listen
10-11-2017Wednesday Bro. John JacksonActs 16:16-40Listen
10-08-2017Sunday PMBro. Jon Zeller
(Morton, IL)
Exodus 40:13-38 & Acts 19:1-22Listen
10-08-2017Sunday AMBro. Jon Zeller
(Morton, IL)
Ruth1 & St. John 6:1-14Listen
10-04-2017Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelActs 18Listen
10-01-2017Sunday PMBro. John JacksonEzekiel 20:33-49 & 2 Timothy 2Listen
10-01-2017Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelEster 5 & St. Matthew 25Listen
09-27-2017Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelRomans 2Listen
09-24-2017Sunday PMBro. Jeff Waibel
(Leo IN)
Exodus 20 & St.Mark 10:17-31Listen
09-24-2017Sunday AMBro. Gary Maibach
2 Samuel 17:1-14 & Acts 20Listen
09-17-2017Sunday PMBro. John JacksonGenesis 38 & St. Matthew 23Listen
09-17-2017Sunday AMBro. John JacksonHosea 8:11-9:17 & Galatians 6Listen
09-16-2017Saturday Bro. John JacksonSis. Marilyn Munsel's FuneralListen
09-10-2017Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelProverbs 2 & Hebrews 12Listen
09-10-2017Sunday AMBro. Bob Knochel2 Chronicles 12 & Romans 9Listen
09-03-2017Sunday PMBro. John JacksonEzekiel 21 & 1 John 4Listen
09-03-2017Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerIsaiah 1:1-20 & Acts 28Listen
08-27-2017Sunday PMBro. Don Manz
(Junction, OH)
Esther 3 & Acts 16:1-34Listen
08-27-2017Sunday AMBro. Doyle Frauhiger
(Bluffton North)
Proverbs 21 & St. John 3Listen
08-20-2017Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerEcclesiastes 12 & St. John 2Listen
08-20-2017Sunday AMBro. John JacksonEsther 2 & 2 Corinthians 7Listen
08-13-2017Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerNehemiah 13 & Philippians 4Listen
08-13-2017Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelEsther 5 & St. Matthew 25Listen
08-09-2017Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelPhilippians 2Listen
08-06-2017Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 67 & Hebrews 10Listen
08-06-2017Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelNehemiah 9:1-17 & Acts 9:1-25Listen
08-02-2017Wednesday Bro. John Jackson1 John 3Listen
07-30-2017Sunday PMBro. John JacksonJeremiah 23:1-22 & St.John_10:22-42Listen
07-30-2017Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerJeremiah 52 & 2 Corinthians 9Listen
07-26-2017Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelSt. John 12:1-36Listen
07-23-2017Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelGenesis 27:1-42 & Acts 23Listen
07-23-2017Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 27 & Colossians 2Listen
07-19-2017Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerActs 18Listen
07-16-2017Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerNumbers 26 & St. Mark 6:1-29Listen
07-16-2017Sunday AMBro. John Jackson2 Samuel 11 & St. Luke 11:29-54Listen
07-09-2017Sunday PMBro. John JacksonJeremiah 22 & Hebrews 9:11-28Listen
07-09-2017Sunday Bro. Bob KnochelJoshua 16 & Acts 1Listen
07-07-2017Friday Bro. John JacksonSis. Shirley Ann Wright's Funeral ServiceListen
07-02-2017Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelProverbs 15 & 1 Peter 2:1-17Listen
07-02-2017Sunday AMBro. Tom Waldbeser
(Peachtree City, GA)
Isaiah 29 & Philippians 3Listen
06-28-2017Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerSis. Alice Mehl Funeral Funeral ServiceListen
06-25-2017Sunday PMBro. David Maibach
(Smithville, OH)
1 Chronicles 17 & 1 Corinthians 8Listen
06-25-2017Sunday AMBro. David Maibach
(Smithville, OH)
Joshua 24:19-33 & St. John 13:1-17Listen
06-24-2017Saturday Bro. Matthew KnappVBS-Standing Firm In The Lion's DenListen
06-21-2017Wednesday Bro. Jeremiah Psinas
VBS-Standing Firm In The King's CourtListen
06-18-2017Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerProverbs 3:1-12 & St.Luke 15:11-32Listen
06-14-2017Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelPhillippians 1Listen
06-11-2017Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelDaniel 6 & 2 Corinthians 11Listen
06-11-2017Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelDaniel 6 & 2 Corinthians 11Listen
06-07-2017Wednesday Bro. John JacksonTitus 2Listen
06-04-2017Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerPsalm 145 & Acts 8Listen
06-04-2017Sunday AMBro. John JacksonIsaiah 16 & 1 Peter 3Listen
05-31-2017Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerSt. John 1:29-51Listen
05-28-2017Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 144 & 1 John 4Listen
05-28-2017Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelGenesis 19 & St. John 2Listen
05-24-2017Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelEphesians 5Listen
05-21-2017Sunday Bro. Neil RamseyerIsaiah 50 & 1 Corinthians 3Listen
05-21-2017Sunday AMBro. Jeff Streitmatter III
(Sarasota, FL)
High School GraduationListen
05-17-2017Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelActs 20Listen
05-14-2017Sunday PMBro. John JacksonNehemiah 6 & 2 Corinthians 11Listen
05-14-2017Sunday Bro. Jeff Waibel
(Leo, IN)
Psalm 127 & St. Luke 1:26-56Listen
05-10-2017Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSt. John 14:15-31Listen
05-07-2017Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelGenesis 45 & St. John 4:7-42Listen
05-07-2017Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelHabakkuk 2 & Galatians 3Listen
05-03-2017Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerActs 13:13-43Listen
04-30-2017Sunday Bro. John JacksonNumbers 18:1-20 & 1 John 4Listen
04-30-2017Sunday Bro. Neil RamseyerPsalm 78 & Act 19Listen
04-23-2017Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 19 & 2 Corinthians 11Listen
04-23-2017Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelZephaniah 2 & 1 Peter 1Listen
04-19-2017Wednesday Bro. Bill Waibel1 Timothy 1Listen
04-16-2017Sunday PMBro. Jeff Waibel
(Leo, IN)
Haggai 2:1-9 & Hebrews 12:18-29Listen
04-16-2017Sunday AMBro. John JacksonSt. John 20 & Isaiah 55Listen
04-14-2017Friday Bro. Bill WaibelIsaiah 53 & St. John 18:28-19:42Listen
04-09-2017Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelProverbs 17 & Acts 19:1-27Listen
04-09-2017Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelSt. Matthew 21Listen
04-05-2017Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelSt. John 5:19-47Listen
04-02-2017Sunday PMBro. Bill Waibel2 Samuel 15:1-12 & 1 Corinthians 6Listen
04-02-2017Sunday AMBro. Bill Waibel2 Kings 13 & St. Mark 9:1-32Listen
03-29-2017Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelSt. Mark 14:1-42Listen
03-26-2017Sunday PMBro. John Jackson1 Peter 5Listen
03-26-2017Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelPsalm 111 & 1 Peter 1Listen
03-22-2017Wednesday Bro. Bill Waibel1 Corinthians 15:35-58Listen
03-19-2017Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 19 & Philippians 3Listen
03-19-2017Sunday AMBro. Neil Ramseyer2 Samuel 22 & Acts 1Listen
03-18-2017Saturday Bro. Neil RamseyerSis. Helen B. Ramseyer Funeral ServiceListen
03-12-2017Sunday PMBro. Bob Knochel2 Samuel 16 & St.Luke 14:1-24Listen
03-12-2017Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelProverbs 29 & St.John 11:1-44Listen
03-08-2017Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelSt. Luke 22:24-54Listen
03-05-2017Sunday PMBro. John JacksonAmos 1 & JudeListen
03-01-2017Wednesday Bro. John JacksonActs 8:1-25Listen
02-26-2017Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelGenesis 25 & 1 Corinthians 3Listen
02-26-2017Sunday AMBro. John JacksonPsalm 40 & 1 Peter 1:13-25Listen
02-22-2017Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelSt. John 12:44-50Listen
02-19-2017Sunday PMBro. John Jackson1 Kings 21 & Romans 11Listen
02-19-2017Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelProverbs 9 & Hebrews 10:1-25Listen
02-15-2017Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelSt. John 13Listen
02-12-2017Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelIsaiah 65:1-16 & Hebrews 4Listen
02-12-2017Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelProverbs 18 & Acts 17Listen
02-11-2017Saturday Bro. John JacksonSis. Laura M. Wieland Funeral ServiceListen
02-05-2017Sunday PMBro. John JacksonNumbers 11 & Ephesians 2Listen
02-05-2017Sunday AMBro. John JacksonEzekiel 9 & St. John 12:20-50Listen
02-01-2017Wednesday Bro. John JacksonRevelation 4Listen
01-29-2017Sunday PMBro. Nate Hodel
(Roanoke, IL)
Bro. Brett and Sis. Laura Hodel's WeddingListen
01-29-2017Sunday AMBro. Thomas Hoffman
(Roanoke, IL)
Proverbs 21 & Colossians 1Listen
01-28-2017Saturday SingingListen
01-25-2017Wednesday Bro. Bill Waibel2 Corinthians 5Listen
01-22-2017Sunday PMBro. John JacksonEzekiel 24:15-27 & Hebrews 11 & 12:1-2Listen
01-22-2017Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 145 & Romans 15Listen
01-18-2017Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelActs 16:1-24Listen
01-15-2017Sunday PMBro. Joshua Martinez
(South Bend, IL)
Acts 8Listen
01-15-2017Sunday PMBro. Joshua Martinez
(South Bend,IL)
Acts 8Listen
01-11-2017Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerSis. Ileean Wackerle Funeral ServiceListen
01-08-2017Sunday AMBro. John JacksonPsalm 104 & 1 ThessaloniansListen
01-01-2017Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelProverbs 3 & Ephesians 6Listen
01-01-2017Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerJob 38 & St. Luke 23:26-56Listen
12-25-2016Sunday AMBro. Jesse Bedolla
(Detroit, MI)
Christmas ServiceListen
12-24-2016Saturday Bro. Bill WaibelChristmas Eve ServiceListen
12-18-2016Sunday PMBro. John JacksonExodus 20 & St. Mark 15:33-47Listen
12-18-2016Sunday Christmas Program 2016Listen
12-14-2016Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSt. Matthew 19:16-30Listen
12-11-2016Sunday PMBro. Neil Ramseyer2 Kings 21 & St. John 15Listen
12-11-2016Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 102 & Romans 8Listen
12-10-2016Saturday Bro. John JacksonBro. Frederick George RuegseggerListen
12-04-2016Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelEzra 1 & St. John 3:1-21Listen
12-04-2016Sunday AMBro. John JacksonEsther 2 & Acts 17:16-34Listen
11-30-2016Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelPhilippians 4Listen
11-27-2016Sunday PMBro. John JacksonJoshua 23 & 2 Timothy 4:1-18Listen
11-27-2016Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerPsalm 14 & St. Mark 16Listen
11-23-2016Wednesday Bro. Nate Hodel
(Roanoke, IL)
Psalm 100 & 2 Corinthians 4Listen
11-20-2016Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelEsther 8 & Hebrews 12Listen
11-20-2016Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelPsalm 90 & St.John 4:1-42Listen
11-16-2016Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerSt. Matthew 18:1-22Listen
11-13-2016Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerGenesis 45 & St. Luke 14Listen
11-13-2016Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 55 & Romans 5:1-12Listen
11-09-2016Wednesday Bro. John Jackson1 John 2Listen
11-06-2016Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelIsaiah 2 & St. John 1:29-51Listen
11-06-2016Sunday AMBro. John JacksonIsaiah 49:1-13 & St. Luke 12:22-48Listen
11-02-2016Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelGalations 6Listen
10-30-2016Sunday PMBro. John JacksonEzekiel 25 & Hebrews 10Listen
10-30-2016Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerPsalm 90 & Acts 14Listen
10-26-2016Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelPhillipians 3Listen
10-23-2016Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelIsaiah 9 & 2 Corinthians 13Listen
10-23-2016Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelEsther 1 & St. John 9Listen
10-19-2016Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSt. Mark 6Listen
10-16-2016Sunday PMBro. Jeff Waibel
(Leo, IN)
Daniel 4 & James 4:6-10Listen
10-16-2016Sunday AMBro. Jeff Waibel
(Leo, IN)
Judges 14Listen
10-09-2016Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelProverbs 15 & Hebrews 1Listen
10-09-2016Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelJeremiah 7:1-29 & St. John 5Listen
10-04-2016Tuesday PMBro. Bob KnochelFuneral Service For Mabelle WackerleListen
10-02-2016Sunday PMBro. John JacksonJudges 3 & St. Luke 8:43-56Listen
10-02-2016Sunday AMBro. John JacksonNehemiah 8 & Hebrews 4Listen
09-25-2016Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelEzekiel 34 & Philippians 2Listen
09-25-2016Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelEzekiel 1 & Galatians 2Listen
09-18-2016Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelJob 1 & Hebrews 8Listen
09-18-2016Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerPsalm 55 & 2 Corinthians 8Listen
09-14-2016Wednesday Bro. Gary Maibach
(Smithville, OH)
2 Timothy 3Listen
09-11-2016Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerPsalms 2 & St. Luke 22:24-62Listen
09-11-2016Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelPRoverbs 8 & St. John 5Listen
09-04-2016Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelIsaiah 51 & Philippians 4Listen
09-04-2016Sunday AMBro. John Jackson1 Samuel 25:1-38 & Galations 2Listen
08-28-2016Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelJeremiah 3 & St. John 11Listen
08-28-2016Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelIsaiah 53 & Ephesians 2Listen
08-24-2016Wednesday Bro. Greg Rassi
(Chicago IL)
Ezra 6:19-7:28 & Acts 23:1-11Listen
08-21-2016Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerEzra 3 & Romans 7Listen
08-21-2016Sunday AMBro. Craig Stickling
(Peoria, IL)
08-17-2016Wednesday Bro. Mark Hoffman
(Clarendon, VT)
Ezekiel 1 & 3 JohnListen
08-14-2016Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelSt. Luke 18:1-14Listen
08-14-2016Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelJeremiah 35 & Romans 1:16-32Listen
08-10-2016Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelSt. John 12:27-50Listen
08-07-2016Sunday PMBro. John JacksonIsaiah 40 & Hebrews 6Listen
08-07-2016Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerJob 5 & St.Mark 8Listen
08-03-2016Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerSt.Matthew 8Listen
07-31-2016Sunday PMBro. Tom Waldbeser
Genesis 47:1-26 & St.John 3:1-21Listen
07-31-2016Sunday AMBro. Tom Waldbeser
(Atlanta, GA)
Isaiah 11:1-9 & Romans 8:18-39Listen
07-27-2016Wednesday Bro. John JacksonHebrews 13Listen
07-24-2016Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelPsalm 123 & St. John 13Listen
07-24-2016Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 150 & St. Matthew 6Listen
07-20-2016Wednesday Bro. Bob Knochel1 John 3Listen
07-17-2016Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerEcclesiastes 4 & Romans 9Listen
07-17-2016Sunday AMBro. John JacksonDeuteronomy 19 & 2 Corinthians 7Listen
07-13-2016Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelGalations 2Listen
07-10-2016Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelProverbs 23 & 1 John 2Listen
07-10-2016Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelIsaiah 28 & Philippians 2Listen
07-06-2016Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelPhilippians 3:1-16Listen
07-03-2016Sunday PMBro. John JacksonAmos 2 & 2 Thessalonians 3Listen
07-03-2016Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerNehemiah 1 & Luke 22:1-38Listen
06-26-2016Sunday PMBro. Fred Witzig
(Washington, IL)
1 Chronicles 15 & St. John 16:1-16Listen
06-26-2016Sunday AMBro. Fred WitzigNumbers 21 & St. Luke 9Listen
06-24-2016Friday Bro. Fred Witzig
(Washington, IL)
Characteristics of DescipleshipListen
06-19-2016Sunday PMBro. John JacksonMalachi 3:13-4:6 & Luke 4:1-30Listen
06-19-2016Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelProverbs 3:1-22 & St. Luke 15Listen
06-15-2016Wednesday Bro. John JacksonRomans 13Listen
06-12-2016Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelPsalm 120-121 & Acts 22:1-21Listen
06-12-2016Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelProverbs 26 & Ephesians 1Listen
06-08-2016Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelPhilippians 4Listen
06-05-2016Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelLamentations 1 & 1 Peter 1Listen
06-05-2016Sunday AMBro. John JacksonNehemiah 12:27-43 & Revelation 3Listen
06-01-2016Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelSt. Luke 16:19-31Listen
05-29-2016Sunday PMBro. John JacksonJeremiah 11 & Hebrews 8Listen
05-29-2016Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelPsalm 74 & Romans 2Listen
05-25-2016Wednesday Bro. John Jackson1 Corinthians 4Listen
05-22-2016Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelIsaiah 6 & 1 Thessalonians 1Listen
05-22-2016Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerProverbs 19 & Acts 21Listen
05-21-2016Saturday Bro. Covenant Chamber ChoirMay 21, 2016Listen
05-18-2016Wednesday Bro. Bill Waibel1 Timothy 4Listen
05-15-2016Sunday PMBro. John Wiegand
(Silverton, OR)
Psalm 90 & Romans 8: 31-39Listen
05-15-2016Sunday AMBro. John Wiegand
(Silverton, OR)
Joshua 21:43-45 & St. Mark 7:1-23Listen
05-11-2016Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelPhilippians 3Listen
05-08-2016Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelGenesis 7 & St.Matthew 13:1-30Listen
05-08-2016Sunday AMBro. John JacksonIsaiah 25:1-26:4 & Romans 14:1-19Listen
05-04-2016Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerSt. Luke 24:1-12 & St. Luke 24:33-53Listen
05-01-2016Sunday PMBro. Neil Ramseyer1 Samuel 6 & 1 Peter 2Listen
05-01-2016Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelProverbs 1 & St. Matthew 7Listen
04-27-2016Wednesday Bro. John JacksonRevelations1:9-2:17Listen
04-24-2016Sunday PMBro. Bob Knochel2 Samuel 15:1-31 & Acts 24Listen
04-24-2016Sunday AMBro. Jeff Grimm
(Goodfield, IL)
Proverbs 30 & Philippians 4Listen
04-20-2016Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelEphesians 3Listen
04-17-2016Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerPsalm 145 & Acts 8Listen
04-17-2016Sunday AMBro. Neil Ramseyer2 Chronicles 23 & Philippians 1Listen
04-13-2016Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelSt. Luke 21Listen
04-10-2016Sunday PMBro. Klint Beyer
(Sabetha, KS)
1 Kings 17:8-16 & Romans 12Listen
04-10-2016Sunday AMBro. Joe Klotzle
(Altadena, CA)
1 Kings 2:1-12 & St. Mark 12:41-13:37Listen
04-06-2016Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerSt. John 1:1-29Listen
04-03-2016Sunday PMBro. John JacksonIsaiah 53 & 1 Corinthians 11:17-34Listen
04-03-2016Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 42 & Philippians 4Listen
03-30-2016Wednesday Bro. John JacksonLuke 24:14-53Listen
03-27-2016Sunday PMBro. Jeff Waibel
(Leo, IN)
Jeremiah 4 & Colossians 2:8-15Listen
03-27-2016Sunday AMBro. Jesse Bedolla
(Detroit, MI)
Psalm 16 & St. John 20:1-18Listen
03-25-2016Friday Bro. Jeff Waibel
(Leo, IN)
Psalm 22 & St. Matthew 27:27-50Listen
03-20-2016Sunday PMBro. John JacksonSt. Matthew 22:1-40Listen
03-20-2016Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 36 & St. Matthew 21:1-11Listen
03-15-2016Tuesday Bro. Bill WaibelBro. Merle J. Wieland's Funeral ServiceListen
03-13-2016Sunday PMBro. John Jackson2 Chronicles 22:10-24:3 & Hebrews 10Listen
03-13-2016Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelLeviticus 20 & St. Mark 9Listen
03-09-2016Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelGalations 3Listen
03-06-2016Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 86 & Colossians 3Listen
03-06-2016Sunday AMBro. John JacksonDaniel 6 & St.John 9Listen
03-02-2016Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelActs 23Listen
02-28-2016Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelEzra 3 & St. Matthew 18:1-22Listen
02-28-2016Sunday AMBro. John JacksonIsaiah 50 & Philippians 3Listen
02-21-2016Sunday PMBro. John JacksonLamentations 1 & 2 Corinthians 5Listen
02-21-2016Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 19 & St. John 15:1-17Listen
02-14-2016Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelNehemiah 13 & Philippians 3Listen
02-14-2016Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelJeremiah 20 & Galations 6Listen
02-10-2016Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSt. Matthew 20:1-19Listen
02-07-2016Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 90 & 2 Corinthians 13Listen
02-07-2016Sunday AMBro. John JacksonProverbs 18 & 2 Peter 1Listen
02-03-2016Wednesday Bro. Bob Knochel2 Corinthians 12Listen
01-31-2016Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelJeremiah 40:1-12 & 1 Timothy 6Listen
01-31-2016Sunday AMBro. Bill Waibel1 Samuel 18:1-19 & Romans 3:20-31Listen
01-27-2016Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelTitus 3Listen
01-24-2016Sunday PMBro. John JacksonDeuteronomy 32:1-47 & 2 JohnListen
01-24-2016Sunday AMBro. John JacksonEzekiel 8 & St.John 15Listen
01-20-2016Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSt. Matthew 16:13-28Listen
01-17-2016Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelProverbs 12 & Acts 22Listen
01-17-2016Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelEzekiel 8 & Colossians 1Listen
01-13-2016Wednesday Bro. Neil Ramseyer1 Thessalonians 2Listen
01-10-2016Sunday PMBro. John Jackson2 Corinthians 10Listen
01-10-2016Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerPsalm 119:57-80 & Acts 8Listen
01-03-2016Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 22 & Romans 12Listen
01-03-2016Sunday AMBro. John Jackson1 Samuel 30 & Galations 2:20-3:29Listen
12-30-2015Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelPsalm 45Listen
12-27-2015Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerEster 8 & Acts 22Listen
12-27-2015Sunday AMBro. Jeff Waibel
(Leo, IN)
Numbers 18:1-20 & Luke 2:22-39Listen
12-23-2015Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSis. Leanore B. Knochel Funeral ServiceListen
12-20-2015Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelIsaiah 34 & 1 Corinthians 6Listen
12-20-2015Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelIsaiah 24 & 2 Corinthians 9Listen
12-16-2015Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelRevelation 13Listen
12-13-2015Sunday PMBro. John JacksonJudges 14 & Titus 2Listen
12-13-2015Sunday AMBro. Neil Ramseyer1 Kings 14 & St. Luke 14Listen
12-09-2015Wednesday Bro. John Jackson1 Thessalonians 4Listen
12-06-2015Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelJob 40 & Ephesians 3Listen
12-06-2015Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelDaniel 5 & Galations 1Listen
12-02-2015Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelSt. John 16:1-16Listen
11-29-2015Sunday PMBro. Neil Ramseyer1 Samuel 25:1-35 & St. John 2Listen
11-25-2015Wednesday Bro. Jesse Bedolla
(Detroit, MI)
1 Chronicles 29:9-19 & 1 Peter 1:3-21Listen
11-22-2015Sunday PMBro. John JacksonDaniel 4 & Hebrews 10Listen
11-22-2015Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 100 & Romans 12Listen
11-18-2015Wednesday Bro. Ned Stoller
(Alto, MI)
Ezekiel 48:1-14 & Hebrews 11Listen
11-15-2015Sunday PMBro. Jeff Waibel
(Leo, IN)
Psalm 33 & St. John 17:1-17Listen
11-15-2015Sunday AMBro. Jeff Waibel
(Leo, IN)
Jonah 3 & Colossians 1:15-23Listen
11-11-2015Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerRomans 6Listen
11-08-2015Sunday PMBro. Bob Knochel2 Kings 16:15-34 & Acts 22Listen
11-08-2015Sunday AMBro. Neil Ramseyer2 Samuel 10 & Romans 9Listen
11-01-2015Sunday PMBro. John JacksonEzekiel 3:16-27 & 1 John 3Listen
11-01-2015Sunday AMBro. John JacksonJeremiah 11:1-17 & Hebrews 4Listen
10-28-2015Wednesday Bro. Bob Knochel1 Corinthians 5:1-6:8Listen
10-25-2015Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 27 & Galations 3Listen
10-25-2015Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelGenesis 31:1-42 & Acts 24Listen
10-21-2015Wednesday Bro. John JacksonHebrews 3Listen
10-18-2015Sunday PMBro. John JacksonNumbers 5 & St. Luke 9:46-62Listen
10-18-2015Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 138 & St. Matthew 25Listen
10-14-2015Wednesday AMBro. Bob KnochelSt. John 13:1-20Listen
10-11-2015Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelAmos 2 & 1 Timothy 1Listen
10-11-2015Sunday AMBro. John JacksonPsalm 74 & Acts 20:17-38Listen
10-07-2015Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelSt. John 3:1-21Listen
10-04-2015Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 1 & James 2Listen
10-04-2015Sunday AMBro. Bill WaiblePsalm 91 & 1 Peter 1Listen
09-30-2015Wednesday Bro. John JacksonActs 7Listen
09-27-2015Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelEsther 2 & Ephesians 6Listen
09-27-2015Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelIsaiah 29 & St. John 6:1-34Listen
09-25-2015Friday Bro. John JacksonFuneral Service For Glenn F. Ruegsegger Jr.Listen
09-20-2015Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerGenesis 18 & Romans 9Listen
09-20-2015Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 66 & St. Matthew 5:21-48Listen
09-16-2015Wednesday Bro. Gary Maibach
(Smithville, OH)
Romans 11:33-36Listen
09-13-2015Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelIsaiah 48 & Colossians 3Listen
09-13-2015Sunday AMBro. John JacksonEzra 6 & 1 Peter 2:24-3:22Listen
09-06-2015Sunday PMBro. Matt Manz
2 Kings 13 & 1 Thessalonians 5Listen
09-06-2015Sunday AMBro. Matt Manz
Exodus 9 & Luke 15Listen
08-30-2015Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerExodus 19 & St. John 18Listen
08-30-2015Sunday AMBro. Bob Knochel1 Kings 6 & 1 Corinthians 15:1-50Listen
08-23-2015Sunday PMBro. John JacksonGenesis 47:1-20 & Romans 13Listen
08-23-2015Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerJob 28 & St. Luke 22:31-71Listen
08-16-2015Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelActs 19:1-22Listen
08-16-2015Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 150 & Colossians 2Listen
08-09-2015Sunday PMBro. Neil Ramseyer2 Samuel 19:1-15 & St.Matthew 17Listen
08-09-2015Sunday AMBro. John Jackson2 Chronicles 9:1-12 & 2 Peter 2Listen
08-05-2015Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelPhilippians 4Listen
08-02-2015Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 28 & 2 Corinthians 13Listen
08-02-2015Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerPsalm 102 & 2 Timothy 4Listen
07-29-2015Wednesday Bro. John Jackson2 Corinthians 6Listen
07-26-2015Sunday PMBro. John JacksonEzekiel 29:1-16 & St. John 12:20-50Listen
07-26-2015Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelIsaiah 25 & Acts 1Listen
07-22-2015Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelSt. John 12:27-50Listen
07-19-2015Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerProverbs 28 & St. John 18Listen
07-19-2015Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelEcclesiastes 11 & St. Matthew 6:19-34Listen
07-15-2015Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerSt. Matthew 22:1-33Listen
07-12-2015Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelJob 33 & Acts 27:39-28:17Listen
07-12-2015Sunday AMBro. John Jackson1 Samuel 28 & 2 Peter 3Listen
07-08-2015Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelActs 27:1-38Listen
07-05-2015Sunday PMBro. Ron Palitto
Job 21 & Hebrews 7Listen
07-05-2015Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerPsalm 7 & Acts 22Listen
07-01-2015Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSt.Luke 12:13-34Listen
06-28-2015Sunday PMBro. John JacksonHosea 8 & 1 Corinthians 6Listen
06-28-2015Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelGenesis 37Listen
06-26-2015Friday Bro. Chris Laukhuf
(Latty, OH)
Discerning Our Navigator's VoiceListen
06-24-2015Wednesday Bro. Tim Lehman
(Taylor, MO)
Preparation for the JoureyListen
06-21-2015Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerJeremiah 23:1-22 & 1 Corinthians 12:1-31Listen
06-21-2015Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelProverbs 1:1-9 & St. Luke 15:11-32Listen
06-17-2015Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelSt. Luke 16:19-31Listen
06-14-2015Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelProverbs 17 & Hebrews 10Listen
06-14-2015Sunday AMBro. John JacksonIsaiah 1 & Titus 3Listen
06-10-2015Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerSt.Mark 3Listen
06-07-2015Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelJob 28 & Philippians 1Listen
06-07-2015Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerProverbs 9 & St.Mark 6:1-44Listen
06-03-2015Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSt.Mark 6:30-56Listen
05-31-2015Sunday PMBro. John JacksonEzekiel 26 & Galatians 3Listen
05-31-2015Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelJob 31 & Romans 11Listen
05-27-2015Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelEphesians 2Listen
05-24-2015Sunday PMBro. John JacksonJoshua 1 & St. Mark 10:1-31Listen
05-24-2015Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 73 & Ephesians 1Listen
05-20-2015Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelPhilippians 2Listen
05-17-2015Sunday PMBro. Kent Heimer
(Taylor, MO)
Leviticus 16:1-19 & St. Luke 2:8-21Listen
05-17-2015Sunday AMBro. Kent Heimer
(Taylor, MO)
Job 31:1-30 & Acts 3:1-10Listen
05-13-2015Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSt. John 12:20-50Listen
05-10-2015Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelGenesis 29 & Acts 26Listen
05-10-2015Sunday AMBro. John JacksonPsalm 116 & St. Luke 11:1-13Listen
05-06-2015Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelRomans 1:16-32Listen
05-03-2015Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelEcclesiastes 2 & 1 Corinthians 15Listen
05-03-2015Sunday PMBro. John JacksonDaniel 7 & 1 Peter 2Listen
04-29-2015Wednesday Bro. Bob Knochel1 Peter 2Listen
04-26-2015Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerJob 36 & St. John 13Listen
04-26-2015Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelPsalm 74 & 1 Corinthians 1Listen
04-22-2015Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSt.Matthew 5:33-48Listen
04-19-2015Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 6 & Galations 5Listen
04-19-2015Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerEsther 1 & 2 Corinthians 8Listen
04-15-2015Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelSt. Matthew 10:1-23Listen
04-12-2015Sunday PMBro. Ted Witzig, Sr.
(Morton, IL)
Psalm 145 & Philippians 4Listen
04-12-2015Sunday AMBro. Ted Witzig, Sr.
(Morton, IL)
Psalm 41 & 1 John 4Listen
04-08-2015Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerSt.Mark 10:23-45Listen
04-05-2015Sunday Bro. Jessa BedollaPsalm 22:1-22 & St. John 7:32-53Listen
04-05-2015Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelEaster Service_AMListen
04-03-2015Friday Bro. John JacksonIsaiah 52:13-53:12 & St. John 19Listen
03-29-2015Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelNehemiah 13 & St. John 15Listen
03-29-2015Sunday AMBro. John JacksonZechariah 9 & St.Matthew 21:1-17Listen
03-25-2015Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelColossians 3:1-17Listen
03-22-2015Sunday PMBro. John JacksonCommunion ExortationListen
03-22-2015Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelMalachi 2 & Hebrews 12Listen
03-15-2015Sunday PMBro. Howard Plattner
Proverbs 11:1-13 & 1 Corinthians 1Listen
03-15-2015Sunday AMBro. Howard Plattner
Psalms 6 & St.Matthew 12:1-37Listen
03-11-2015Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelSt.Mark 9:1-29Listen
03-08-2015Sunday PMBro. Ted Witzig, Jr.
(Morton, IL)
Nehemiah 5 & 1 John 4Listen
03-08-2015Sunday AMBro. Ted Witzig, Jr.
(Morton, IL)
Esther 7 & 1 Corinthians 12:1-21Listen
03-04-2015Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSt. Luke 23: 26-56Listen
03-01-2015Sunday PMBro. John JacksonSummary on Elder Conference for Winter 2015Listen
03-01-2015Sunday AM Bro. Bob KnochelGenesis 43 & St. John 13Listen
02-23-2015Monday Bro. Bill WaibelSis. Esther Meister Funeral ServiceListen
02-22-2015Sunday PMBro. Jeff Waibel
(Leo, IN)
Psalm 100Listen
02-22-2015Sunday AMBro. Jeff Waibel
(Leo, IN)
Proverbs 10:1-8 & 1 Thessalonians 5:16-28Listen
02-18-2015Wednesday Bro. Bob Knochel2 Thessalonians 2Listen
02-15-2015Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelDeuteronomy 3:12-29 & St.John 19:8-37Listen
02-15-2015Sunday AMBro. Gary Sinn
(Latty, Ohio)
Proverbs 11:1-14 & Philippians 2:1-11Listen
02-11-2015Wednesday Bro. Bill Waibel2 Thessalonians 1Listen
02-08-2015Sunday PMBro. John JacksonExodus 38 & Philippians 2:1-18Listen
02-08-2015Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 90 & St. John 12:1-28Listen
02-04-2015Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSt. Luke 22:7-33Listen
02-01-2015Sunday PMBro. John JacksonJeremiah 51:1-26 & Hebrews 11Listen
02-01-2015Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelJoshua 16 & Romans 14Listen
01-28-2015Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelJames 4Listen
01-25-2015Sunday PMBro. Bill WiabelPsalm 95 & Colossians 1Listen
01-25-2015Sunday AMBro. John JacksonProverbs 24 & 1 Thessalonians 4Listen
01-21-2015Wednesday Bro. Bill Waibel1 Timothy 4Listen
01-18-2015Sunday PMBro. Mike Grimm
(Goodfield, IL)
Genesis 47 & Galations 6Listen
01-18-2015Sunday AMBro. Mike Grimm
Joshua 1:1-9 & St.Luke 13Listen
01-17-2015Saturday Glorify HymnListen
01-14-2015Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSt.John 13:1-20Listen
01-11-2015Sunday PMBro. John JacksonDeuteronomy 24 & 2 Corinthians 2Listen
1-11-2015Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerPsalm 9 & St. John 12:1-43Listen
01-04-2015Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelJeremiah 29 & Acts 16Listen
01-04-2015Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelJeremiah 30 & Philippians 1Listen
12-31-2014Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerSt.Mark 13Listen
12-28-2014Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerEcclesiastes 4 & Acts 20Listen
12-28-2014Sunday AMBro. John JacksonEzekiel 4 & I John 3Listen
12-24-2014Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelChristmas Eve ServiceListen
12-21-2014Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelProverbs 24 & James 2Listen
12-21-2014Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelIsaiah 59 & Acts 3Listen
12-17-2014Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelRomans 8Listen
12-14-2014Sunday PMBro. John JacksonJudges 9:1-21 & 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12Listen
12-14-2014Sunday Sunday School Christmas ProgramListen
12-10-2014Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSt. Luke 13:18-35Listen
12-07-2014Sunday PMBro. Bob Knochel1 King 16:1-28 & St. Luke 24Listen
12-03-2014Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerSt.Mark 1:1-29Listen
11-30-2014Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerEcclesiates 2 & Acts 18Listen
11-30-2014Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelEsther 6 & St. John 10:1-21Listen
11-26-2014Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelThanksgiving ServiceListen
11-23-2014Sunday PMBro. John JacksonPsalm 79 & 2 Corinthians 13Listen
11-23-2014Sunday AMBro. Bob Knochel2 Chronicles 6 & Romans 10Listen
11-19-2014Wednesday Bro. Bob Knochel1 Corinthians 12Listen
11-16-2014Sunday PMBro. Randy Gasser
Psalm 95 & 1 Timothy 2Listen
11-16-2014Sunday AMBro. Randy Gasser
Malachi 4Listen
11-12-2014Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelHebrews 12Listen
11-09-2014Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelGenesis 28 & Galatians 5Listen
11-09-2014Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerProverbs 18 & St.Luke 11:1-36Listen
11-05-2014Wednesday Bro. John JacksonGalations 4Listen
11-02-2014Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelIsaiah 16 & Timothy 2Listen
11-02-2014Sunday AMBro. John JacksonIsaiah 28 & Revelation 16Listen
10-22-2014Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelActs 16Listen
10-19-2014Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelProverbs 21 & St. Luke 16Listen
10-19-2014Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerPsalm 90 & Luke 10:1-37Listen
10-15-2014Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelSt. Matthew 22:1-33Listen
10-12-2014Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelJudges 1:1-21 & St.John 1:1-34Listen
10-12-2014Sunday AMBro. John JacksonPsalm 30 & 2 Peter 2Listen
10-08-2014Wednesday Bro. John JacksonActs 17Listen
10-05-2014Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerPsalm 31 & 1 Corinthians 12Listen
10-01-2014Wednesday Bro. Gary Maibach
(Smithville, OH)
St. Mark 5:1-20Listen
09-28-2014Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelJeremiah 13 & Philippians 4Listen
09-28-2014Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelProverbs 10 & St. Luke 22:1-30Listen
09-21-2014Sunday PMBro. John JacksonNumbers 5 & 2 Thessalonians 2Listen
09-21-2014Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerJob 29 & St. John 18Listen
09-19-2014Friday Bro. Jeff Waibel
(Leo, IN)
Bro. Samuel F. Wackerle's Funeral ServiceListen
09-14-2014Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelJeremiah 29 & St. John 19:1-24Listen
09-14-2014Sunday AMBro. Jesse Bedolla
2 Kings 13:1-9 & Matthew 25Listen
09-07-2014Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelEcclesiastes 10 & St. John 8:1-47Listen
09-07-2014Sunday AMBro. John JacksonIsaiah 29 & Phillippians 4Listen
09-03-2014Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelSis. Della Elise ErismannListen
08-31-2014Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerPsalms 89:1-37 & St.Luke 13Listen
08-31-2014Sunday AMBro. Bob Knochel2 Chronicles 25:1-16 & Acts 22Listen
08-24-2014Sunday PMBro. John JacksonNumbers 10:1-10 & St. Matthew 10:16-42Listen
08-24-2014Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelIsaiah 5 & Hebrews 9Listen
08-17-2014Sunday PMBro. Michael Wagenbach
(Wolcott, IN)
Daniel 1 & 1 Peter 3Listen
08-17-2014Sunday AMBro. Michael Wagenbach
(Wolcott, IN)
Isaiah 3:16-26 & Acts 5:17-42Listen
08-10-2014Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelIsaiah 50 & Hebrews 6Listen
08-10-2014Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerEcclesiastes 1 & 2 Timothy 4Listen
08-06-2014Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerSt. John 1:1-34Listen
08-03-2014Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelEcclesiastes 7 & Titus 2Listen
08-03-2014Sunday AMBro. John JacksonNehemiah 5 & Romans 7Listen
07-31-2014Thursday Bro. John JacksonBro. Floyd H. Knochel's Funeral ServiceListen
07-27-2014Sunday PMBro. Bill Waibel1 Kings 21 & Ephesians 6Listen
07-27-2014Sunday AMBro. Bob Knochel1 Kings 2:1-38 & Acts 4Listen
07-23-2014Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelSt. John 17Listen
07-20-2014Sunday PMBro. John JacksonEsther 7 & 2 Peter 2Listen
07-20-2014Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelIsaiah 22 & Ephesians 2Listen
07-16-2014Wednesday Bro. Bill Waibel1 Corinthians 6Listen
07-13-2014Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerProverbs 20 & Acts 25Listen
07-13-2014Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelGenesis 47:1-26 & St. John 4Listen
07-09-2014Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerSt. Luke 8:1-25Listen
07-06-2014Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 46 & 1 Corinthians 1Listen
07-06-2014Sunday AMBro. John JacksonProverbs 17 & Acts 24Listen
07-02-2014Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSt.Mark 2Listen
06-29-2014Sunday PMBro. John Jackson1 Samuel 30:1-25 & 2 Thessalonians 1Listen
06-25-2014Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelPhilippians 3Listen
06-22-2014Sunday PMBro. Fred Funk
(Morton, IL)
Isaiah 53 & Philippians 2Listen
06-22-2014Sunday AMBro. Fred Funk
(Morton, IL)
2 Chronicles 1 & Acts 19Listen
06-20-2014Friday Bro. Fred Funk
(Morton, IL)
Conquering our Interpersonal GiantsListen
06-18-2014Wednesday Bro. Tim Drayer
(Bluffton, IN)
VBS Conquering Our Personal GiantsListen
06-15-2014Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelJeremiah 14:1-18 & Hebrews 3Listen
06-15-2014Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelGenesis 12:1-3 & Genesis 22: 1-19Listen
06-11-2014Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelEphesians 1:1-14Listen
06-08-2014Sunday PMBro. Neil Ramseyer2 Kings 25 & Acts 16Listen
06-08-2014Sunday AMBro. John JacksonAmos 3 & Ephesians 6Listen
06-04-2014Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerSt. Mark 9Listen
06-01-2014Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelJob 38 & 2 Corinthians 9Listen
06-01-2014Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelPsalm 46 & St.John 10Listen
5-28-2014Wednesday Bro. John Jackson1 Corinthians 11Listen
05-25-2014Sunday PMBro. John JacksonJoshua 17:1-13 & St. Luke 9:1-27Listen
05-25-2014Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerIsaiah 24 & St.Luke 5:1-32Listen
05-21-2014Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelSt. John 2Listen
05-18-2014Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelProverbs 10 & 2 Corinthians 12Listen
05-18-2014Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelProverbs 14 & Romans 10Listen
05-14-2014Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerSt. Mark 1Listen
05-11-2014Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerPsalm 89 & Acts 19Listen
05-11-2014Sunday AMBro. John JacksonRuth 1-4Listen
05-07-2014Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelSt. John 12:20-36Listen
05-04-2014Sunday AMBro. Lynn Stieglitz
(Leo, IN)
2 Kings 13 & Colossians 1Listen
05-04-2014Sunday PMBro. Lynn Stieglitz
(Leo, IN)
Esther 4 & 1 Peter 5:5-11Listen
04-30-2014Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSt.Matthew 12:1-21Listen
04-27-2014Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelJeremiah 31:22-40 & Galations 5Listen
04-27-2014Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelJeremiah 44 & Acts 4Listen
04-23-2014Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelRomans 12Listen
04-20-2014Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerSt. John 20 & St. John 21Listen
04-20-2014Sunday AMBro. Jeff Waibel
(Leo, IN)
St. Mathew 28:1-10 & 1 Corinthians 15:1-22Listen
04-18-2014Friday Bro. Bob KnochelSt. Matthew 26:30-75 & St. Matthew 27Listen
04-13-2014Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelIsaiah 19 & Acts 3Listen
04-13-2014Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerZechariah 9:9-10 & St. Mark 2Listen
04-09-2014Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelEphesians 1Listen
04-06-2014Sunday PMBro. John JacksonCommunion ExortationListen
04-06-2014Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelDeuteronomy 4:1-31 & 2 Corinthians 11Listen
04-02-2014Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSt. John 3Listen
03-30-2014Sunday PMBro. Bob Knochel1 Samuel 30 & St. John 18:1-27Listen
03-30-2014Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 146 & Hebrews 1Listen
03-26-2014Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelGalations 1Listen
03-23-2014Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 120 & 2 Corinthians 13Listen
03-23-2014Sunday AMBro. John JacksonNehemiah 12:27-43 & Acts 28Listen
03-19-2014Wednesday Bro. Bill Waibel2 Corinthians 9Listen
03-16-2014Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelEsther 7 & St.John 13Listen
03-16-2014Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelGenesis 7 & St.Mark 10:1-45Listen
03-12-2014Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSt. Mark 2Listen
03-09-2014Sunday PMBro. John Jackson1 John 2:1-29Listen
03-09-2014Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelJob 21 & 1 Peter 1Listen
03-05-2014Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelSt. Luke 19:1-27Listen
03-02-2014Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelNumbers 11 & St. Matthew 20Listen
02-26-2014Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelEphesians 5:1-33Listen
02-23-2014Sunday PMBro. Don Manz
(Junction, OH)
Isaiah 51:1-11 & Philippians 4:1-23Listen
02-23-2014Sunday AMBro. David Steffen
(Elgin, IL)
Deuteronomy 6 & St.Luke 4:1-30Listen
02-19-2014Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerSt. Mark 3Listen
02-16-2014Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerPsalm 119:153-176 & St.Luke 19Listen
02-16-2014Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelIsaiah 59 & Acts 4Listen
02-12-2014Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSt.Luke 5:1-32Listen
02-09-2014Sunday PMBro. John JacksonJoel 2:1-32 & 2 Timothy 2:1-26Listen
02-09-2014Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelEsther 8 & Acts 27Listen
02-05-1214Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelSt. Mark 4:1-29Listen
02-02-2014Sunday PMBro. Bob Knochel1 Samuel 4 & St. Luke 21Listen
02-02-2014Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerEster 5 & St.John 12:1-43Listen
01-29-2014Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelActs 22:1-30Listen
01-26-2014Sunday AMBro. Tom Waldbeser
(Atlanta, GA)
Ezra 1 & Romans 1Listen
01-22-2014Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerSt. Matthew 24Listen
01-19-2014Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelJob 1 & 2 Thessalonians 2Listen
01-19-2014Sunday AMBro. John JacksonHosea 8 & Acts 17:16-34Listen
01-15-2014Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelColossians 2Listen
01-12-2014Sunday PMBro. Neil Ramseyer1 Chronicles 22:1-19 & St. Luke 22:1-62Listen
01-12-2014Sunday AMBro. Bob Knochel2 Samuel 16:1-31 & St. Mark 6:14-56Listen
01-05-2014Sunday PMBro. John JacksonPsalm 119:153-17 & Philemon 1Listen
01-05-2014Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelProverbs 25 & Romans 13Listen
01-01-2014Wednesday Bro. John JacksonRomans 13Listen
12-29-2013Sunday PMBro. David Steffen
(Elgin, IL)
Genesis 16:1-16 & St. Luke 4:1-30Listen
12-29-2013Sunday AMBro. David Steffen
(Elgin, IL)
Isaiah 1:1-20 & Hebrews 11:1-30Listen
12-24-2013Tuesday Bro. John JacksonChristmas Eve ServiceListen
12-18-2013Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelActs 19Listen
12-15-2013Sunday PMBro. Bob Knochel1 Samuel 8:1-18 & St. John 13:1-37Listen
12-15-2013Sunday Sunday School Christmas ProgramListen
12-11-2013Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerSt.Matthew 17Listen
12-08-2013Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelIsaiah 11 & Acts 20Listen
12-08-2013Sunday AMBro. John JacksonProverbs 22 & Romans 10Listen
12-04-2013Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelSt.John 5:19-47Listen
12-01-2013Sunday PMBro. Jeff Waibel
(Leo, IN)
Genesis 3:1-24 & Romans 8: 18-25Listen
12-01-2013Sunday AMBro. Jeff Waibel
(Leo, IN)
Isaiah 53 & 2 Timothy 3Listen
11-27-2013Wednesday Bro. John JacksonPsalm 50 & 1 Thessalonians 1Listen
11-24-2013Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerPsalm 78 & Acts 20Listen
11-24-2013Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelProverbs 3 & St. John 5Listen
11-23-2013Saturday Mystery Trip Singing 11-23-2013Listen
11-20-2013Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelSt. John 2Listen
11-17-2013Sunday PMBro. John JacksonLeviticus 27 & Acts 14Listen
11-17-2013Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelProverbs 24 & Philippians 4Listen
11-13-2013Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerGalations 1Listen
11-10-2013Sunday PMBro. Bob Knochel2 Chronicles 12 & Acts 8:1-25Listen
11-10-2013Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerIsaiah 25 & St.John 5:1-29Listen
11-06-2013Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSt.Luke 24:1-35Listen
11-03-2013Sunday AMBro. John Jackson1 Chronicles 13 & Mark 5Listen
11-03-2013Sunday PMBro. Neil Ramseyer2 Kings 24:1-18 & Romans 3Listen
10-30-2013Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelPhilippians 2Listen
10-27-2013Sunday PMBro. John JacksonNumbers 1 & 2 Corinthians 8Listen
10-27-2013Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelProverbs 24 & Galations 5Listen
10-23-2013Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerRomans 2Listen
10-20-2013Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerGenisis 35:1-29 & St.Luke 24:1-53Listen
10-20-2013Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelEzekiel 46 & 1 Corinthians 1Listen
10-17-2013Thursday Bro. Bill WaibelSis. Irma Bragiel's Funeral ServiceListen
10-15-2013Tuesday Bro. Bill WaibelSis. Florence Wieland's Funeral ServiceListen
10-13-2013Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelJob 3 & Phillippians 1Listen
10-13-2013Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerEster 8 & St.Luke 16Listen
10-09-2013Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelActs 24:1-27Listen
10-06-2013Sunday PMBro. Bob KnochelIsaiah 35:1-10 & St. Mark 6:30-56Listen
10-06-2013Sunday AMBro. Bill WaibelIsaiah 29 & Titus 2Listen
10-02-2013Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSt. John 7:1-29Listen
09-29-2013Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerGenesis 18 & St. Matthew 13:1-43Listen
09-29-2013Sunday AMBro. John JacksonJeremiah 16 & Ephesians 4Listen
09-25-2013Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelTitus 3Listen
09-22-2013Sunday PMBro. John JacksonDaniel 4 & Acts 19Listen
09-22-2013Sunday AMBro. Bob Knochel2 Samuel 18 & 1 Corinthians 10Listen
09-18-2013Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerSt. Matthew 24:1-39Listen
09-15-2013Sunday PMBro. Gary MaibachPsalms 1 & St. John 19Listen
09-15-2013Sunday AMBro. Brad EisenmannIsaiah 30:8-26 & St. Luke 21:10-38Listen
09-08-2013Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerJob 14 & Romans 9Listen
09-08-2013Sunday AMBro. Todd Sinn
(Latty, OH)
Exodus 17 & James 3Listen
09-01-2013Sunday PMBro. Jeff Waibel
Jeremiah 20:7-18 & 1 Timothy 1:8-17Listen
09-01-2013Sunday AMBro. Jeff Waibel
(Leo, IN)
Judges 8:18-35 & 1 John1:1-13Listen
08-25-2013Sunday PMBro. Jesse Bedolla
Isaiah 51:12-23 & Acts 28Listen
08-25-2013Sunday AMBro. Ned Bahler
(Fairbury Ill.)
1 Samuel 7 & Acts 7Listen
08-18-2013Sunday AMBro. John JacksonEzekiel 11 & Ephesians 6Listen
08-11-2013Sunday PMBro. Bob Knochel2 Corinthians 12Listen
08-11-2013Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerPsalm 105:1-45 & Acts 15:1-35Listen
08-07-2013Wednesday Bro. Bob KnochelSt.Luke 9:1-27Listen
08-04-2013Sunday PMBro. John JacksonPsalm 80:1-19 & St. James 3:1-18Listen
08-04-2013Sunday AMBro. Bill Waibel2 Samuel 16:1-23 & St. Mark 7:1-37Listen
07-31-2013Wednesday Bro. John JacksonSt. Matthew 17Listen
07-28-2013Sunday PMBro. Frank Wackerle Funeral ServiceListen
07-28-2013Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelPsalm 121-122 & Timothy 4Listen
07-24-2013Wednesday Bro. Bill WaibelRomans 12Listen
07-21-2013Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelPsalms 86 & Philippians 1Listen
07-21-2013Sunday AMBro. John JacksonEzekiel 4:1-17 & Romans 10:1-21Listen
07-17-2013Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerActs 9:20-43Listen
07-14-2013Sunday PMBro. Neil Ramseyer2 Chronicles 29 & Acts 21:37-22Listen
07-14-2013Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelGenesis 32 & St. John 18Listen
07-10-2013Wednesday Bro. Bob Knochel1 Peter 4Listen
07-07-2013Sunday PMBro. Neil RamseyerIsaiah 1 & St. Luke 23:26-49Listen
07-07-2013Sunday AMBro. Dave SteffenSamuel 15:1-23 & Hebrews 1:1-14Listen
06-30-2013Sunday PMBro. Bob Knochel2 Chronicles 17 & 1 Corinthians 9Listen
06-30-2013Sunday AMBro. Bill Waibel Psalm 24 & Corinthians 13Listen
06-26-2013Wednesday Bro. Neil RamseyerSt. Luke 8:1-25Listen
06-23-2013Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelPsalm 22 & Ephesians 6Listen
06-23-2013Sunday AMBro. Neil RamseyerNumbers 8 & St. Mark 5Listen
06-21-2013Friday Bro. James Fehr
(Tremont, IL)
06-19-2013Wednesday Bro. Craig Stickling
(Peoria, IL)
05-05-2013Sunday PMBro. Bill WaibelProverbs 23 & St. Luke 6:17Listen
05-01-2013Wednesday Bro. Bill Waibel1 Corinthians 9Listen
04-28-2013Sunday PMBro. Neal RamseyerGenesis 24 & St. Mark 10:23Listen
12-28-2016Wednesday Bro. Bill Waibel3 John 1Listen
05-31-15Sunday AMBro. Bob KnochelJob 31 & Romans 11Listen